The Auditor

Welcome to my blog. Auditnerd is where my thoughts, ideas and experiences are going to be logged.

When meeting new people, one of the first questions asked is:

‘What do you do for a living?’

Actually, I manage a clinical audit portfolio for a living…but if this is my immediate response, I get my fair share of blank looks. This is not surprising, because there are relatively few people who do what I do. Officially, my role is that a specialist nursing educator; but I don’t just teach. My role involves development and training of staff, coordinating of audit projects, data management, report writing…it’s pretty complex. So naturally, the next question asked is:

‘What kind of work does that involve?’

The simplest answer is that I tell stories with data; clinically meaningful stories of compliance, improvement, and outcomes of care against the standards.

So, welcome to my world. It seems a little dreary and dull to most. Hopefully I can make aspects of it more interesting.